Facility Management and Cleaning Services

Mathata Cleaning is committed to concept of continuous improvements in terms of product development and customer valued service to become a definitive market share leader in the manufacture of high-quality cleaning services

Pest Control

It’s a real fact that insects, rodents and birds are proven carriers of many diseases, this may

It’s a real fact that insects, rodents and birds are proven carriers of many diseases, this may be a threat to your business, especially in the case of pharmaceuticals or if you operate in food manufacturing or the hospitality industry. What’s more, a lack of pest control can lead to insects, rodents or birds destroying the fixtures and fittings within your building or the viability of your inventory.

With our pest control services, eradicate your problems by quickly and effectively removing pests from your business premises safely and swiftly keeping people and buildings as free of germs as possible.


We have the all the experience and resources to manage your needs, we are proud to say we offer the best cleaning services in town.

Trust Mathata Cleaning to offer you:

  • Fast, Flexible and Cost Effective Cleaning Services
  • High-Quality Cleaning Services
  • 100% Trusted Brand

We are your number one leader in cleaning solutions.


Hygiene Services

Hygiene is important for a clean, germ-free environment and a healthier workforce. Using effective hygiene services and products for your premises protects both your employees and customer’s health. A well-maintained workplace also gives a more positive impression of your business and safeguards your products – and maintains high standards of productivity.

We provide a range of specialised services, including maintenance and regular refilling of products so that hygiene facilities and operations are hassle-free and effective.

  • Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers
  • Toilet Hygiene Services
  • Air Freshener Dispensers
  • Hand Dryers
  • Dust and Industrial Floor Mats

Gardening Services

We are Nelspruit’s premier instant Garden Services providers in the Lowveld region and its surrounding areas at a convenient rate.

We strive for excellence in order to provide you full customer service satisfaction and quality services. Our Garden Services include Lawn Mowing and Garden Cleaning. Ensuring that you have a clean space that is pest free and dirty free.


Waste Management

Finding the right residential waste management provider is an important decision. Mathata Facility Management and Cleaning, we reward that decision by providing a wide range of exceptional services and products.

We are a leading provider of environmental solutions helping you keep the environment clean at all times. Providing you leading waste management services in town leaving no dirt on your property.

Big and small, Mathata Waste Management helps businesses across Mpumalanga meet their environmental goals, whether that’s collection and disposal of waste we are ready to work with you offering you peace of mind. Mathata Waste Management can remove just about any kind of waste, we offer a wide variety of curbside pickup services, making it easy for our customers to discard waste.

Our reliable services protect the environment while allowing your home or business to run clockwork. Our range of services are:

  • Curbside Pickup
  • Dumpsters
  • Other Waste Services
  • Bulk Waste Pickup
  • Hazardous Waste Pickup

Office Accommodation

Mathata Facility Management and Cleaning focuses on providing corporate clients with a full turnkey design and project management solution, large or small, so whether they needed just space planning, or a refurbishment of a boardroom, or the design and project management of a full turnkey corporate interior, Mathata Facility Management and Cleaning would provide its clients with an end to end solution few others could match.

Our services include none other than:

  • Space Planning
  • Desk Solution
  • Boardroom Upgrade
  • Office Refurbishment