Facility Management and Cleaning

You’ve cleaned your house a million times before, but somehow you just can’t seem to get that “as good as new” look and smell of a professionally cleaned home.

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Professional Hygiene Services

How do they do it? As an experienced cleaning services company, we offer you the best range cleaning services in the industry.
Whether you run a commercial establishment, like a restaurant or guest house, an industrial factory park or an office block, maintaining optimum levels of hygiene is crucial. Your premises need to facilitate the health of your employees, as healthy staff are hard working staff.
If you’re relying on in-house hygiene services, you’re putting the wellbeing of your employees at risk, it’s your responsibility to ensure that optimum hygiene and sanitary working conditions are maintained. We offer professional hygiene services to an extensive range of businesses in South Africa, including the industrial, healthy, commercial and retail industries.

Environmental friendly cleaning products.

At Mathata we use our in-house environmental friendly cleaning products for the cleaning maintenance of corporate buildings, we take full responsibility of cleaning your properties to your satisfaction. Since and Now we boast a great number of satisfied customers, both in the corporate and domestic industry, our customers have become accustomed to our quality products and excellent service offered by our well-trained staff.
  • Our cleaning services providers undergo extensive training in order to ensure that you receive hygiene services that are effective, efficient and unobtrusive.
  • Our cleaning services include pest control services, gardening services, hygiene services, waste management.
  • We provide approved disinfecting services that are non-toxic and ensure that a broad spectrum of microscopic organisms is eliminated.

Keeping it clean